Terms and conditions of services 

A) Definition of services:

It is the fast transportation of any kind of documents, samples of commercial goods, personal goods and packages that are done by announcing the content according to the general regulations of the Civil Aviation Organization, Customs and the announced terms and conditions of air services companies according to a specific bill of lading. .

B) Types of shipments:
Documents – Envelopes containing documents, papers and types of documents that have no intrinsic value. The maximum weight of acceptable documents is 5 kg.
None documents – Any item other than documents, including business samples, goods and packages that are accepted by announcing the content and providing the necessary documents for transport, clearance and delivery to recipients. The maximum acceptable weight for these items is 50 kg.

C) General regulations
Scope: These rules apply to all services of the process management company. By signing the bill of lading, the customer will announce his agreement with these regulations. These rules will be valid in the absence of any contract or agreement signed by the company’s managers. None of the company’s employees have the right to replace or ignore these rules.
Requirements: From the time of payment of shipping costs by the customer, the company will be responsible for coordinating the shipment to the customer’s destination. The company will have the right to choose the route, procedures and shipping companies based on the methods of transportation, warehousing and processing of packages.

Service restrictions:
The company reserves the right not to accept any kind of envelopes and packages from natural and legal persons based on its precautionary considerations.
The company reserves the right not to send any kind of envelopes and packages at any time after acceptance that it delays or damages other goods, equipment or personnel of the company, or its transportation is prohibited by law or is considered a violation of existing regulations. Be safe for yourself.
The company reserves the right to open and inspect any envelope and package sent by the customer in order to ensure compliance with the standards and customs regulations of the destination country. The company does not guarantee the possibility of sending and delivering a special package without violating the laws of other countries.

Limits of responsibility:
As long as it is under the control and protection of the company, it accepts its responsibility, but the occurrence of any loss or damage during the re-shipment of cargo outside the control and protection of the company will not be borne. The Company will not pay damages in connection with NVDs.
If the consignment is valuable, the customer must insure it before issuing the bill of lading.
The liability of the company is limited to the loss and damage of packages and other types of damages are exempt from this rule (damages arising from interest, profit and future income of a business are not included in this rule) whether these damages are specific or Indirectly enter or even if the risk of sending the package has been notified to the company before or after its acceptance.

Cases of irresponsibility:
High Process Company will not accept any responsibility for loss, damage, distribution delay, incorrect delivery or non-delivery due to negligence for the following reasons:
Legal reason, by default or by deleting the sender or any other person claiming the package.
The nature of the package, any lesions, features or inherent corruption
Violation of the sender of the terms and conditions stated by the company, but not limited to incomplete and inadequate packaging, safety, marking and addressing, failure to describe the contents of the package, error in studying the rules on prohibitions stated by the company’s representatives.
Unexpected events, atmospheric hazards, enemy danger, legal action by government, customs or other government agencies, riots, strikes or other local disputes, evidence of war, weather conditions, temperature or climate change, mechanical problems or flight delays Used for freight or any event beyond the control of the company.
Actions or non-provision of any postal service, shippers (forwarder) or any entity that accepts packages accepted by the company for transportation, regardless of whether the sender has a request or is aware of the delivery requirements of this third party.
Electrical or magnetic damage, scratches or other damage to electronic or photographic images or recordings in any form, or damaged by pests
As long as the excellent process company makes every effort to deliver customers’ packages promptly on a regular schedule, it will not accept any responsibility for delays in the collection, shipping and delivery of packages for any reason.

Inadmissible items (prohibitions)
A) The process company will regularly inform customers of the process of items that can not be transported. It is the customer’s duty to indicate the contents of their package correctly on the bill of lading, to ensure that the items in question are not prohibited from shipping.
B) The process company is exempt from accepting the following items for shipment:
Anything transported to / from countries, states, and local governments is prohibited by law or regulation. Weapons, immoral and obscene items, remittances, gold bars, currency, traveler’s checks, works of art, stamps, industrial carbon and diamonds, antiques, jewelry, hazardous or combustible items, plants, precious metals, cash checks, animals, Gemstones.
C) When surrendering once (as above) to the company, or failing to explain or declare the true value of the cargo for customs purposes, intentionally or for any other reason, the customer is liable for any claims, damages and costs incurred by the company in this regard. And the company reserves the right not to accept responsibility and leave such a burden to any agency or personnel claiming any country.